Chernobyl Children’s Project International needs your help to continue to offer hope for the future to the children of the Chernobyl zone. Click here to learn about Our Programs.

This section outlines some of the ways in which you, your family, friends, school or work colleagues can give practical assistance to CCPI. We able to provide a broad array of efficient, cost effective programs largely through the efforts of thousands of Irish volunteers who not only contribute their time and skills, but also spend months every year fundraising in their communities. US funding allows our programs to grow efficiently, and opens up doors for new types of programs and partnerships. Ireland is such a small country, yet they have done so much. Your donation helps us to leverage a program that already recieved international and United Nations recognition for its achievements. We are proud to say that our overhead runs under 10%, and we will be pleased to offer our financial overview upon request.

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Other Ways to Help -- Not $$$
- Become a Volunteer
- Sign up for our newsletter and tell your friends
- Link to our website from your personal or business website
- Become a business or professional services sponsor
- Share your contacts in the healthcare and medical supply and pharmaceutical industry
- Sell on eBay
- Other ideas?
Frequently Asked Questions about Helping
- Why do you prefer $$$ to goods?
- I'd like to volunteer to work hands-on in Belarus -- how do I get started?
- How do I sponsor a child in my home?
- Can you help me adopt a child?
- Can you help me adopt a child I saw in Chernobyl Heart?
- What is your overhead, and can I get a financial report?   

Make a Secure Online Donation

You can make a secure online credit card donation by clicking on the button to the left of the screen. CCPI is a fully registered 501c3 non profit organization -- your donation is tax-deductable.

Donate by Mail

You can send a check to: Chernobyl Children's Project International, 217 East 86th Street, PMB #275, New York, New York 10028.

Other Ways to Help -- Not $$$

Many people ask us about ways that they can help us, other than donating money. While it's true that all of Our Programs cost money to maintain, there are other ways that you can help these children:

- Sign up for our newsletter and tell your friends:   Sign Up for Our Free Email Newsletter, and we will keep you posted on what we are doing to help Chernobyl affected regions. Forward the newsletter to your friends, and let them know why you support our work, and encourage them to learn more. You may find that many of your friends and associates are not aware of the ongoing impact of the Chernobyl disaster -- and raising awareness is our biggest challenge.

- Link to our website from your personal or business website  

- Become a business or professsional services sponsor:   See the Sponsors page for a list of organizations who have supported us with donations or professional services. To initiate a discussion about how your organization can help, send an email to, and we will follow up right away.

- Share your contacts in the healthcare and medical supply and pharmaceutical industry:   If you, or your friends, are in the health care and medical supply, or pharmaceutical industry, you may be able to help us secure donated or discounted/surplus supplies. To learn more, email

- Sell on eBay:   You can now sell items on eBay to benefit CCPI. Select GivingWorks from the eBay main menu, and you can designate a percentage of your sales to benefit our programs.

- Other ideas:   You may of have thought of way to help us that we have not imagined. Send us email at to start a dialog.

Frequently Asked Questions

- Why do you prefer $$$ to goods? - We often hear from individuals who would like to collect new and used clothing and toys, or other supplies, to give us to bring to the children from Chernobyl-affected regions. While these items are needed, and we are grateful for your support, please understand how complicated and expensive it is to bring items into Belarus. The Customs requirements (packing, labeling, expiration dates) alone are very complicated, and the shipping costs can really break our bank. This is why we prefer (when it comes to supplies) to deal in bulk with manufacturers, who are used to bulk shipping and dealing with the requirements of international Customs authorities. Also, many of the supplies are children need are readily available in Belarus -- it makes more sense to purchase them where they are cheaper, than to pay to store them, then have to pay shipping and Customs charges. We are always looking for the best bang for the buck. It is hard to turn away items that are offered with such generosity of spirit -- but we have to say, it is better to sell those good at a church or garage sale (or on eBay) and send us a check.

- I'd like to volunteer to work hands-on in Belarus -- how do I get started? - The backbone of our work is the hundred of Irish tradespeople who sponsor their skills and time in Belarus. We also sponsor medical professionals from Operation Smile and the International Children's Heart Foundation to do surgical and training trips to Belarus. At this time, we are only looking for in-country volunteers who have very specific professional skills to offer -- and what we need is changing all the time. If you have a specific skill that you can offer in Belarus, please send us a detailed email at We will respond to every inquiry, and will look forward to having a database of professionals that we can call on if need be. 

- How do I sponsor a child in my home? - Our sister organization in Ireland has sponsored over 11,000 children for summer and Christmas breaks. We have chosen not to run a similar program in the United States. The simple reason is -- We want to get the best use out of our dollars spent, and it is simply cheaper to send a child from Belarus to Ireland, than from Belarus to the United States. This strategy allows us to spend our $$$$ on offering long term hope for the children of Belarus. A number of wonderful secular and religious organizations in the United States offer such programs -- you can locate them through a Web search if you are interested in being a host family for a child in the United States.   

- Can you help me adopt a child? - CCPI is not an adoption agency, nor are we affiliated with any adoption agencies. You can find an agency, and advice, by doing a search of Google or Yahoo (or any other engine) under such keywords as "international adoption" and "adoption belarus ukraine russia." Be sure to carefully check the references of any adoption agency. Adoption is a wonderful way to build a family, regardless of where the child was born. We are focused on improving the outlook for families and children in Belarus.   

- Can you help me adopt a child I saw in Chernobyl Heart? - We have heard from a number of families whose hearts "leapt" when they saw a particular child in Chernobyl Heart. If this happened to you, please write to to let us know. We cannot help you with an adoption, but we can give you the name, location, and status of the child for you follow up with on your own.

- What is your overhead, and can I get an financial overview? - We are proud to say that our organization has an overhead of far less than 10%. This is possible through our professional sponsors and volunteers. While we expect that as we grow, we will have more overhead expenses, we expect to always keep our overhead under 15%. If you would like a copy of our financial report, contact us at 1-888-227-8080.   

Chernobyl Children's Project International is a fully registered not for profit organization.
217 East 86th Street, P MB #275, New York, NY 10028

Contact CCPI via e-mail:

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